JC & Laney last night at Fiddler’s Dream Coffeehouse.

Mainly because of the horrible massacre in Connecticut yesterday, I didn’t much feel like going out last night. But I’d already planned on attending this performance, and I went out of stubbornness and defiance of that maniac if for no other reason. After I’d been there for a while I found myself thinking about human contrasts. I don’t pretend to know why some members of our species set themselves to act with such destructive malice, while others are at least as determined to creatively and positively express themselves. But there it is, whether or not we understand it.

JC & Laney were wonderful as always. I’ve heard them perform in a variety of venues, including restaurants where diners’ conversations, clanking silverware, etc. compete for listener attention. The duo’s ability to adapt and overcome is impressive. But I’ve especially enjoyed their performances in places like Fiddler’s Dream and the Higley Center for the Performing Arts. The former is a much smaller venue than the latter, but both are similar in purpose and dedication. If you live in the Phoenix area and like attending live musical performances by independent artists, I strongly recommend both places. If you live elsewhere, I strongly recommend finding and supporting places like them.

I find such people and places to be among the many antidotes for sickness of the human spirit.
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